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Avaira Vitality Review

Avaria Vitality


To give your eyes ultimate comfort, hydration, and satisfaction, Avaria has updated their most popular contact lens brands into Avaria Vitality. This lens is crafted with high-quality silicone hydrogel material that results in enhanced oxygen permeability to allow for better breathability throughout your wear. Avaria Vitality comes in your classic two-week modality with added UV protection.


What Makes Avaria Vitality Special?


Avaria Vitality makes for a great contact lens in all capacities. With features like extra oxygen transmissibility, enhanced UV protection, and an easy two-week wear, Avaria Vitality is created for comfort. With these, you don’t have to worry about your eyes drying out after a few days, as the increased breathability through silicone hydrogel makes for natural wetting agents and higher water content on the eye. If you’re someone who finds yourself constantly reapplying solution or dealing with dry, itchy eyes, Avaria Vitality’s advanced technology may be the right option for you.


Two-week lenses are more sought-after than monthlies, as you don’t have to worry about as much deposit or bacteria buildup over time. With monthly lenses, holding on to the same pair of contacts for four weeks can put your eyes at risk for infection if you’re not diligent enough about cleaning and hand-washing. Two-week disposables, however, are only designed to last up to 14 days, so once that’s passed, you throw them out and open a brand-new pack.


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How Long Can You Wear Avaria Vitality?


The absolute longest you can get away with wearing Avaria Vitality without issue is two weeks. They are not designed to be over-worn, otherwise, they can pose serious risks with bacteria buildup or contamination. Avaria Vitality shouldn’t be slept in or napped in; even if it’s just for 20 minutes, this can risk damaging your eyes. Stick to the recommended fourteen days and you--and your eyes--will be just fine.


What’s the Difference Between Avaria and Avaria Vitality?


Essentially, Avaria Vitality is just an enhanced version of the classic Avaria lens. Coopervision took all of the most popular features of the Avaria lens, advanced them, and created Avaria Vitality. They provided a higher water content, improved UV protection, and an overall more comfortable contact than their previous lens option. It’s simply new and improved!


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Powers and Parameters


Avaria Vitality covers most contact lens wearers, having powers available ranging from -12.00 to +8.00, but it only comes in one base curve.


As we mentioned, Avaria Vitality is a two-week contact lens brand that isn’t designed to be worn for any longer than 14 days. Overwearing your contacts can seriously put your eyes at risk, so you cannot try extending your wear if you’re out of contacts. After two weeks, it’s simply time to toss them and get a fresh pair.


These contacts cannot be slept in at all. Like all contacts, sleeping in them can cut off the flow of oxygen to your eyes, depriving your eyes of the healthy nutrients they need to thrive. Even though Avaria Vitality has high oxygen permeability, they still cannot be slept--or napped--in. Always take out your contacts before heading off to bed.

Note: We recommend using BiotrueRevitaLens, or Opti-free Pure Moist contact lens solutions to store your Avaira Vitality contact lenses.


Does Avaira Vitality Have a Lens for Astigmatism?


Yes! Avaira Vitality offers toric lenses specifically for those suffering from astigmatism. They are made out of the same great silicone hydrogel that the spherical lenses are crafted out of, providing you ultimate comfort over the course of two weeks.


These toric lenses also made out of something called Optimized Toric Lens Geometry, which helps ensure lens stability and comfort. Movement of spherical lenses isn’t much of an issue for regular contact lens wearers, but contact movement with toric lenses can severely hinder eyesight and visibility. With the Optimized Toric Lens Geometry, these toric lenses reduce lens rotation, have ballast toric design for an accurate fit, and have a larger optic zone for even clearer visual sharpness.


Do keep in mind that you may not have to wear toric lenses if you have astigmatism. To see if they’re the right lens for you, always consult with your eye doctor first. They can let you know exactly which types of lenses are going to perform the best for your specific prescription.


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Is Avaria Toric Discontinued?


Yes. Coopervision discontinued Avaria Toric not too long ago, though it was replaced with Avaria Vitality Toric lenses instead. They contain the same great technology, these new lenses are just a bit more comfortable and hydrating.


Does Avaria Vitality Have a Lens for Presbyopia?


Currently, no: Avaria Vitality doesn’t offer multifocal lens options for those with presbyopia. While there’s a chance they may in the future, we suggest sticking to a brand that offers multifocal lenses specifically for ultimate visual support.


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How Much Does Avaria Vitality Cost?


You can purchase a six-pack of Avaria Vitality for $28, making it quite an affordable two-week option. A six-pack of Avaira Vitality Toric goes for $38, which makes it an affordable option for a two-week toric lens.


If you want to do a price comparison to confirm you are getting the lowest price possible, we recommend checking a site like You can search your prescribed brand and compare across multiple websites.


Pros and Cons


Avaria Vitality is definitely a quality contact brand, but it does have some cons, too. To provide you with both the good and bad, we’ve broken down this brand’s pros and cons below.




  • These contacts are crafted out of high-quality silicone hydrogel for ultimate comfort, hydration, and breathability.
  • Made with added UV blockers to help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • They offer a wonderfully made toric lens with stabilzing technologies.
  • Avaria Vitality is quite an affordable two-week lens, compared to other options on the market.




  • Avaria Vitality does not offer a multifocal lens option, only toric.
  • While two-week lenses are reliable, eye doctors will still prefer daily wear contacts for their safety and consistency.


Bottom Line


Avaria Vitality is a quality two-week contact lens brand that keeps your comfort at the forefront. Designed specifically with technology to keep your eyes feeling comfortable for fourteen days at a time, Avaria Vitality provides breathability and protection that are better than most of its competitors.


Unfortunately, Avaria Vitality is only available in a two-week disposable option, which isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. They also only offer spherical and toric lenses, leaving out those who have presbyopia. Hopefully, in the future, we can expect a larger lens variety to fit the high-quality (and affordable) options they have available now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sleep in Avaira Vitality contacts?

No, you can't sleep in Avaria Vitality contacts (not even a nap!). These lenses must be taken out each night before you go to sleep.

How long can I wear Avaira Vitality?

The recommended wearing time is 14 hours, but your individual experience may be different so discuss with your doctor.

What is the difference between Avaira and Avaira Vitality?

Avaira Vitality is simply the new and improved version of the older Avaira lenses. Coopervision has now discontinued the older Avaira lenses now that Avaria Vitality is on the market.

Are Avaira Vitality contacts monthly?

Avaria Vitality lenses are a two week lens, not a monthly lens. Since they are only designed for two weeks of wear, don't try to stretch them out to a month. If you are looking for a good monthly lens, we recommend talking to your doctor about Acuvue Vita.

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