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Biomedics 55 Review (Evolution and Premier)

Biomedics 55 (Premier and Evolution)


Biomedics 55 provides a classic two-week contact with a specialized aspheric optical design to help provide you with sharper vision and clearer focus. Crafted with the intent of correcting near and far-sightedness, Biomedics 55 is a popular contact lens brand for all the right reasons. Though they’re made out of materials that allow for less oxygen permeability, these lenses are still comfortable, hydrating, and perfect for two-week wear. Plus, they’re some of the most affordable lenses out there.


Aspheric Lens Design


Unfortunately, some contact lens brands can actually distort light as they pass through the lens, creating ‘halos’ around lights that can be distracting and potentially harmful. At any time, this can be tough on the eyes, but while you’re driving, this sensation goes from annoying to dangerous, as your vision is drastically affected. Biomedics’ aspheric lens design is made to combat that directly, ensuring crisp, clear vision throughout the day. This technology focuses on light, keeping them looking exactly as they should, even when you’re driving in the dead of night.


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Premier vs. Evolution


Coopervision decided to release its Biomedics 55 lens under two different names: Premier and Evolution. Both of these lenses are the exact same; the only difference is in the names. We’re not sure why Coopervision decided to do this, so try not to get confused by the different specifications.


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Powers and Parameters


Biomedics’ powers come in ranges from -10.00 to +6.00, covering most contact lens wearers. These contacts are available in three different base curves, so you must consult with your eye doctor to find the one that’s best for your eyes.


These are two-week contact lenses, meaning you cannot wear them for more than fourteen days before putting your eyes at risk. They’re not meant to be slept in at all, so make sure you always take them out at the end of the day or before your naps, even if they’re short. When you take out your contacts after the end of your day, your Biomedics are able to stay moist and comfortable for up to two weeks; just be sure to clean your contact lens often and replace solution daily. If you aren’t diligent about cleaning or replacing solution, you risk bacteria or deposit build-up and potential infection.

We recommend storing your lenses in BiotrueRevitaLens, or Opti-free Pure Moist contact lens solutions.


Does Biomedics 55 Have a Lens for Astigmatism?


Yes! Biomedics provides a toric lens that features a wide ballast band to keep your contacts stable on the eye all day long. Lens stability is key in patients with astigmatism and is typically the sign of a perfect fit for your eyes.


Does Biomedics 55 Have a Lens for Presbyopia?


Currently, Biomedics does not offer a multifocal lens for those with presbyopia, though they may in the future. You always have the option of doing monovision contact lenses--one lens for near vision and one for far--though most doctors will recommend sticking to multifocal.


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Are Biomedics 55 Discontinued?


No, Biomedics 55 Premier and Evolution have not been discontinued. A few years back, Coopervision discontinued a few hydrogel lenses, three of them being Biomedics 55 UV, Biomedics 38, and Proclear EP. Thankfully, Biomedics 55 Premier and Evolution are still readily available for purchase.


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How Much Do Biomedics 55 Cost?


For both Evolution and Premier, you can purchase a six-pack for an extremely affordable $25. For those with astigmatism, Biomedics Toric lenses are more expensive at $41 for a six-pack.


If you want to do a price comparison to confirm you are getting the lowest price possible, we recommend checking a site like You can search your prescribed brand and compare across multiple websites.


Pros and Cons


Biomedics 55, like every contact brand, has both its pros and cons. For easy reading and a quick evaluation, we’ve broken down the brand’s pros and cons below.




  • Biomedics come with an aspherical design to allow for the clearest, sharpest vision possible, while also eliminating light halos and glare.
  • These contact lenses fall at an incredibly affordable price point for a bi-weekly lens.




  • These lenses have a lower oxygen permeability than other contact lenses, making it easy for your eyes to become dry and uncomfortable over longer periods of time.
  • Biomedics are not available in multifocal lenses for those with presbyopia.
  • Weekly contact lenses mean you do have to worry about cleaning your contact lens cases and replacing your solution daily to keep your lenses as clean and bacteria-free as possible.


Bottom Line


Biomedics 55 is a classic two-week contact lens that is one of the most affordable options on the market. They are available in a unique aspherical design to reduce light glare and added comfortability to your eyes over the course of fourteen days. Unfortunately, there are no options currently available for those with presbyopia, and bi-weekly contacts are a bit more high-maintenance than dailies. Regardless, Biomedics is still a great brand to rely on when you’re looking for comfort and affordability.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I wear Biomedics 55?

The recommended wearing time for Biomedics 55 is around 14-16 hours, but you should check with your doctor about your individual situation.

Can I sleep in Biomedics 55 contact lenses?

While Biomedics 55 is approved for up to seven days of continuous wear, most doctors would not recommend it except in limited circumstance. We recommend storing your lenses in BiotrueRevitaLens, or Opti-free Pure Moist contact lens solutions.

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