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BioTrue OneDay Review

BioTrue One Day Review


For a comfortable, hydrating daily contact lens, BioTrue One Day may be the best pair of contacts for you. Crafted out of advanced materials to achieve ultimate comfort and prevent any dehydration, BioTrue One Day is many eye doctor’s first choice for those looking for daily disposables--especially if you’re someone who suffers from dry, itchy eyes. Don’t just put up with dry contacts because you think you have to; with BioTrue One Day, satisfaction is unparalleled.


How Does BioTrue One Day Help With Dry Eyes?


With BioTrue One Day contacts, you can experience up to 16 hours of wear while still retaining nearly 100% of moisture. By utilizing specialized HydroGel material that locks in more moisture than your regular contact lens, dry eyes simply don’t stand a chance. Instead, you’re left with effortless wear that won’t result in excess rubbing or the application of contact solution. Simply, BioTrue One Day allows for an entire day of comfort and hydration, helping to keep your eyes functioning their absolute best.


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If you’re someone who struggles specifically with dry eyes and discomfort, this is the perfect daily disposable option for you. Along with its hydrating technology and gentle lens structure, BioTrue also has UV blockers embedded into the contact lenses, helping to lessen the impact of harmful UV rays on your eyes. However, though these lenses have this added protection, we still suggest wearing sunglasses for even more reassurance, as BioTrue won’t block all UV rays.



BioTrue One Day Sustainability


Daily disposable contact lenses are considerably easy to use, but they do generate quite a bit of waste when it comes to packaging and materials. To avoid the lasting impact that this kind of consistent waste can generate, Bausch + Lomb has created a contact lens recycling program that makes the whole process totally guilt-free.


Instead of simply tossing your contacts or contact packaging, hold on to them! Collect all of your trash in one convenient place and, when its full or you’ve reached the end of your pack, you can find a certified ONE by ONE recycling center just for your contact waste. From here, your contact waste and others will then be used to create playground sets, park benches, and other materials to enhance your community. With this program, you’re not only doing what’s best for your eyes, but what’s best for your planet, too.



Does BioTrue One Day Have Lenses for Astigmatism or Presbyopia?


BioTrue One Day has lenses for both astigmatism and presbyopia, both of which are some of the highest quality on the market.


For astigmatism, BioTrue offers astigmatism lenses that work directly with your eye’s distinct curvature to provide the best results possible. Using high-definition optics to help reduce halos, glares, and work with blink patterns, these contacts provide ultimate comfort. Not only that, but these astigmatic lenses have an extra-special peri-ballast design that helps limit lens rotation in a high percentage of contact lens wears. For those with astigmatism, this feature is crucial, as it’s what actually assists in the correction of this eye condition.


As you age, your eyes just simply aren’t what they used to be. To help prevent this change from being overwhelming, BioTrue One Day offers presbyopia contact lenses that are perfect for this condition. Designed to make seeing near and far as clear as possible, as well as assist in eyesight during driving and on your technological screens, these hydrating lenses make seeing seamless, no matter how old you are.


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Powers and Parameters


BioTrue One Day has a contact lens power ranging from -12.00 all the way to +6.00, covering most eyesight prescriptions; though, it only comes in one base curve.


To make the process of putting in or taking out your contacts as simple as can be, BioTrue One Day comes with a visibility tint to make them easier to see when handling. This means that your contacts are going to have a slightly blue hue to the naked eye, but this will not present when in your eye, as it doesn’t affect your natural color whatsoever. Rather, you’re able to effortlessly apply or take out your contacts with struggling to find them in the first place.


As the name suggests, BioTrue One Day can only be worn one day. They’re not made for extended use whatsoever, and even short naps in them should be avoided. Avoiding sleeping in contacts, in general, is important, but particularly with these daily disposables.

Note: If you plan on taking out your BioTrue OneDay contact lenses for any reason, we recommend storing them in BiotrueRevitaLens, or Opti-free Pure Moist contact lens solutions.


How Much Do BioTrue One Day Contacts Cost?


These hydrating, multi-purpose contacts come at a super-reasonable $68 per pack of 90 lenses. When compared to the competition, these contacts are valued at $0.75 per lens, making them some of the most affordable options on the market. If you don't need as many lenses, a 30-pack will only cost you $29.00.


For those with an astigmatism, BioTrue OneDay Astigmatism lenses go for $33 for a 30-pack or $81.00 for a 90-pack, bringing the cost to less than a $1.00 per lens when you buy in bulk.


BioTrue OneDay Presbyopia are a little bit more expensive than the other BioTrue lenses because they are designed to correct distance and near vision at the same time. For these lenses, a 30-pack costs $38.00 and a 90-pack costs $93.00


Pros and Cons of BioTrue One Day


Evaluating both the pros and cons of any contact lens brand is crucial, as some are better than others for specific reasons. To make it easy, we’ve broken them down for you.




  • BioTrue One Day contacts are available in a wide range of powers to match with most contact prescriptions. They also offer toric lenses for astigmatism and multifocal for presbyopia.
  • ONE by ONE recycling programs makes using daily disposables completely guilt-free and great for the environment.
  • Incredibly affordable, so you won’t be breaking the bank every time you have to buy more.
  • Contacts come with visibility tint to make application and removal a breeze.




  • Made from HydroGel rather than silicon hydrogel. While HydroGel is comfortable, most report silicon hydrogel being even more pleasant on the eyes.


Bottom Line


If you’re in need of a quality contact lens brand that will provide not only comfort but hydration and protection, BioTrue One Day is the one for you. With contacts available for those with a wide range of prescriptions, as well as toric and multifocal options, there’s bound to be an option out there for you, especially for your dry, itchy eyes.


Incredibly affordable, easy to use, and just as comfortable as your average contact, BioTrue One Day is a daily disposal contact brand that’s great for every person who wants to toss their contacts at the end of the day and not feel guilty about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sleep in BioTrue OneDay contacts?

No, you can't sleep in BioTrue OneDay contacts! These lenses are meant to be thrown out each day and aren't designed to be slept in.

How long can I wear BioTrue OneDay contacts?

Most doctors recommend wearing BioTrue OneDay contacts up to 16 hours, although your doctor may recommend a different suggested wearing time based on your particular situation.

Can I reuse BioTrue OneDay contacts?

No, you cannot reuse BioTrue OneDay contacts! These lenses are designed for only one day of wear. Although most doctors recommend daily disposable lenses, Acuvue Oasys is a good 2 week alternative if you prefer a reusable contact lens.

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