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MyDay 1-Day Review

MyDay 1-Day


Coopervision’s MyDay 1-Day contact lenses are a super comfortable daily wear that won’t have your eyes feeling dry or tired by the end of the day. In fact, MyDay 1-Days will leave your eyes feeling hydrated, healthy, and happy every time you wear them. Made of premium silicone hydrogel materials to allow for ultimate oxygen permeability, this revolutionary lens is highly comparable to Acuvue Oasys 1-Day and other high-end lenses. All day long, MyDay 1-Days ensure your eyesight is clear and your eyes are feeling content.


Why is MyDay 1-Day So Comfortable?


MyDay 1-Day contacts utilize something called Smart Silicone chemistry, leaving only 4.4% of the contact to be made out of silicone. With this little percentage of silicone, the contact lens stays flexible and easily forms to your eye. The more flexible a contact, the more comfortable an experience. This technology also results in higher water content on the lens and, thus, a wetter eye; this can help reduce eye redness, itchiness, and overall discomfort, leading many to believe that this technology has created one of the most satisfying lenses on the market.


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These contacts also have oxygen transmissibility of 100, which is nearly four times the amount than that of Aucuve Moist and other popular lenses. With oxygen transmissibility this high, your eyes are going to be kept healthy throughout their entire wear: you don’t have to worry about cutting off oxygen flow. Though you still can’t sleep in these contacts, you’re significantly less exposed to eye complications due to lack of oxygen, and, as we said, the comfort is completely unparalleled.


MyDay 1-Day also contains a high level of UV blockers to ensure that your eyes stay safe from the sun’s harmful rays. While they are not a replacement for protective lenses, they do provide extra protection on top of your sunglasses, especially on extra bright days. In general, you should always avoid wearing your contacts in direct sunlight, but the combination of sunglasses and MyDay’s UV protection is as supportive as you can get.



Powers and Parameters


These contacts have powers that cover most patients, with numbers ranging from -12.00 to +8.00 and only one base curve.


Again, these are daily disposable contact lenses so they cannot be slept in whatsoever. They are exclusively meant to be worn for an entire day and then thrown out before you go to bed. Overwearing dailies is a huge ‘no,’ but, thankfully, the ease that dailies bring makes it easy to remember to take them out. When you don’t have to hold on to one pair of contact for weeks at a time, throwing them in the trash at the end of the day becomes muscle memory.


On some occasions, you may need to take your contact lenses out temporarily (like for a nap) and want to put them back in. For these situations, we recommend storing them in BiotrueRevitaLens, or Opti-free Pure Moist contact lens solutions.


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Does MyDay 1-Day Have a Lens for Astigmatism?


Yes! MyDay 1-Day offers a toric lens for astigmatism and it comes in the same great material as the regular spherical lenses. They also feature a peri-ballast design to ensure lens stability, keeping the contact center on your eye throughout wear. A rotating lens can cause visual distortion and discomfort, and avoiding it is crucial in those who have astigmatism. That’s exactly why MyDay 1-Day decided to feature this specialized stabilizing technology.


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Does MyDay 1-Day Have a Lens for Presbyopia?


Currently, MyDay 1-Day does not offer a multifocal lens for presbyopia, though this may change in the future. You have the option of wearing monovision contacts, or one lens for distant viewing and one lens for near viewing, but most eye doctors will recommend multifocal lenses over this method any day. Hopefully, soon we will see a quality multifocal lens from these daily hydrating lenses.


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How Much Does MyDay 1-Day Cost?


You can purchase a 90-pack for $79, making them a bit pricier than other contact lenses on the market. However, when you factor in their specialized technology, this higher price point does make sense. MyDay also comes in a 180-pack for $149, which will give you enough lenses for 6 months for one eye.


MyDay 1-Day Toric lenses go for $94.99 for a 90-pack. While this is a bit more expensive than other daily toric lenses, the comfort of the MyDay 1-Day Toric is unmatched.


If you want to do a price comparison to confirm you are getting the lowest price possible, we recommend checking a site like You can search your prescribed brand and compare across multiple websites.


Pros and Cons


Just like most contact lens brands, MyDay 1-Day has its good and bad features. To easily see the pros and cons, we’ve listed them down for you below.




  • MyDay 1-Day contacts have incredibly high oxygen transmissibility, making them very comfortable to wear each and every day.
  • Using Smart Silicone technology, these contacts are much more flexible and fitting than your typical lens.
  • These contacts contain a high level of UV blockers for added protection.
  • Daily contacts are always the go-to choice for eye doctors, as they provide a fresh, clean pair of lenses every day; this prevents the risk of bacteria build-up and potential infection.




  • MyDay 1-Day is not available in multifocal lens options currently.
  • The lack of visibility tint on these lenses makes handling difficult for some wearers.


Bottom Line


Daily contacts will always be preferred over monthly or even weekly contacts, as they’re simply easier to use and present less danger of infection. MyDay 1-Days are no exception. These quality, safe contact lenses provide high levels of oxygen transmissibility that keep your eyes hydrated, comfortable, and healthy every time you wear them.


Unfortunately, they do not currently offer options of multifocal lenses for those with presbyopia, and they don’t come with that handy-dandy visibility tint to make handling easier. But, despite all that, MyDay 1-Day still produces a high-quality product that’s truly hard to beat.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I wear MyDay 1-Day?

The recommended wearing time for MyDay 1-Day is around 16 hours, but you should check with your doctor about your individual situation.

Can I sleep in MySay 1-Day contact lenses?

No, you cannot sleep in MyDay 1-Day lenses (not even for naps!) If you need to take them out for a nap or any other reason, we recommend storing them in BiotrueRevitaLens, or Opti-free Pure Moist contact lens solutions.


  • I think the tint in my day contacts are just fine!

    Karen kime
  • I think the tint in my day contacts are just fine!

    Kate kime

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