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Top Questions

How does the subscription work?

All Sight Supply subscriptions start with a free 10 day trial (just pay $3 shipping and handling!) that ships after we verify your prescription with your eye doctor. After that, you’ll receive deliveries of 30 pairs of lenses every 28 days, or on whatever schedule you choose. Your card will be charged each time your lenses are shipped, and you can cancel at any time, up until we charge your card and ship your lenses.

When will I get my first order?

The prescription information you submit is reviewed within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. If you live in the continental US, you can expect your first order to arrive within 4-5 business days, although sometimes they may arrive earlier.

Will my subscription just stop when my prescription expires?

US law requires all contact lens wearers to have a valid prescription before they can purchase contact lenses. Once your Sight Supply prescription has expired, we cannot ship you more contact lenses until your prescription has been renewed. We’ll remind you when your prescription’s expiration is coming up so you can renew your prescription and avoid any interruption in service.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by emailing us at, or by calling our help line at (855) 205-8070. Unlike other contact lens subscription companies, we don’t charge any cancellation fees or make it difficult to cancel. We hope you’ll stay, but we never make it hard to leave.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept any returned lenses. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Sight Supply lenses, please contact our customer service line.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including those associated with FSA or HSA programs.

Can I use my FSA or HSA? Do you accept insurance?

Yes, you can use your HSA or FSA associated debit cards. Currently, we do not accept any insurance plans. If you would like to see Sight Supply covered by your insurance, contact your insurance provider and tell them about Sight Supply. If you need an itemized receipt for reimbursement, please email us at or call us at (855) 205-8070.

There was an issue with my prescription verification. Why was I still charged?

When you place an order, we put a temporary hold on your card for the full amount of the order. We do not complete the charge until prescription verification is complete. If there is an issue with your verification, the hold on your card is released. Depending on your bank, it may take between 5-10 business days to reflect on your statement. If you used a debit card, some banks remove the funds from your account immediately. Please contact your credit card company or bank for more information on how they process these types of charges.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free on all full priced orders! For your trial order, shipping is only $3.

How long until I receive my lenses?

You can expect to receive your lenses 4-5 business days after your order is placed, although sometimes they may arrive early.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to all 49 US states except Maine if you have a valid Sight Supply prescription. Sorry Maine!

Do you deliver to PO Boxes?

Yes, we deliver to PO boxes.

Can I change the shipping method once my order has shipped have shipped?

Once your order has shipped, there’s no way to change the shipping method. However, you can change the date and frequency of future shipments in your Sight Supply account.

Do I really need a prescription to order contact lenses?

Yes! According to US law, a prescription is required before we can sell you contact lenses.

What is prescription verification?

The FTA’s Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA) ensures patients have the freedom to purchase contact lenses from any seller they may choose. If you have a valid Sight Supply prescription, we will contact your eye doctor’s office to verify your contact lens prescription. Per the FCLCA, if your doctor does not respond to a prescription verification request within 8 business hours, your prescription is verified and we are permitted to place your order. We are passionate and dedicated to our mission of making contact lenses as accessible and affordable as possible, and adhering rigorously to the FCLCA is an integral part of this objective.

What happens when my prescription expires?

We’ll contact you before your prescription expires so you have time to visit an eye doctor and ensure your subscription is uninterrupted.

What if I have never worn contacts before?

If you have never worn contacts before, you’ll need to go to your local eye doctor to get a comprehensive exam before you can order Sight Supply contacts. After you get your prescription, you can order your free trial here.

What are Sight Supply Contacts made of?

Sight Supply lenses are made from high-quality Etafilcon A material.

Where are Sight Supply Contacts made?

Sight Supply lenses are made in our state-of-the-art factory in Taiwan.

Are Sight Supply Contacts FDA-approved?

Yup! All our lenses are FDA-approved.

What range of powers, base curve, and diameter does Sight Supply offer?

Currently we offer lenses in negative powers from -10.00 to -0.50 and positive powers from +0.50 to +6.00. All our lenses have a base curve of 8.6 and diameter of 14.2. These values cover most contact lens wearers. Don’t worry, our doctors review all test results to make sure your prescription is up to date. If you have a prescription that falls outside these ranges, you can join the waiting list below and we will notify you when your prescription is available.

Do you offer biweekly or monthly contacts?

We believe that daily lenses are the safest and most comfortable option for contact lens wearers, so we do not offer biweekly or monthly lenses. Nothing beats the feeling of a new lens each day! And besides, messing around with cases and solutions is no fun either.

Do you offer toric contacts for astigmatism?

At this time we do not offer toric contacts for astigmatism, but we hope to offer them soon! Please join our waiting list below so we can update you when they are available.

Do you offer multifocal or bifocal contacts?

At this time we do not offer multifocal or bifocal contacts, but we hope to offer them soon! Please join our waiting list below so we can update you when they are available.

Do you sell color contacts?

We do not sell color contacts at this time.

Do you offer fitting kits for Eye Care Professionals?

If you’re a prescriber interested in a Sight Supply fitting kit, reach out to us at


I forgot my password/login information! Help!

Don’t panic! Please head over to the user account login page and click “I forgot my password.

I didn’t receive my lenses.

First, check your tracking number that was included in the email receipt. If you still don’t receive your package, email us at or call us at (855) 205-8070.