Other contact lens companies overcharge. Here at Sight Supply, we offer high quality lenses at a price you can afford. And on top of that, we include our at-home vision test so you can renew your prescription and order lenses all in one convenient place. That’s a deal you don’t need contacts to see (but they certainly help!)

Our Lenses

Our lenses are made of high quality, etafilicon A hydrogel material that are infused with UV-protection. All Sight Supply lenses are manufactured by Unicon Opitcal at their state-of-the-art facilities in Taiwan. As contact lens wearers ourselves, we only sell lenses that we feel comfortable wearing.


What We Believe

We don’t just help you see better; we make the world you see a better place. That’s why for every box of Sight Supply Daily Lenses sold, we donate $1 to SEE International, a vision charity dedicated to restoring sight and preventing blindness. If you’d like to learn more about how you can fight blindness around the world, check out SEE International’s website.